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Learn How to create VLANs on cisco switches

This article is all about how to create VLAN on cisco switches. In this tutorial, we learn basic concepts of VLANs like how to create VLAN, where we use VLANs, How to remove VLAN and How to create trunk in between two switches to communicate between our VLANs. Here we also learn that what are VLANs, why we use VLANs on switches etc. We all know that by default switches are worked on VLAN 1. In general words, we can say that VLAN is a broadcast domain which is formed by switches. Generally, we use VLANs for make a single switch into multiple virtual switches. VLAN is also useful when we are feeling a lot of broadcast traffic on our VLAN. In these cases, VLANs are a very useful option for switches. In the last, we create a trunk between two switches because without trunk creation we do not be able in to carry traffic from more than one VLAN. we also run troubleshooting commands on the switches to verify and troubleshoot our configuration easily on the switches. S0 let’s start here how to create VLANs on a cisco switch.

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