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How to automatic secure your router using auto secure feature

This article is all about how to automatic secure your router using the auto secure feature in it. In this tutorial, we learn about how to secure your router even without having basic knowledge of the router security. By using the auto secure feature we can secure a router even without knowing how to configure telnet or how to enable password on routers. This auto secure feature is also a very useful feature for newcomers who don’t have an idea about how to configure your router securely and you can easily provide security to your router. In general, if you want to secure a router easily then you need to read the whole book on the router just to secure your router easily. But if you don’t want to read a whole book on the router and simply secure a router with ease then this auto secure feature is very useful for you. Cisco introduces the auto secure feature to quickly harden router configuration files in an automated fashion. This is a quick and simple way to secure a router without having basic knowledge about routers. So, let’s start here how to configure a router using the auto secure feature.

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