How to make some space for iOS 11 on your older iPhones?


Apple has released its latest and greatest iOS 11 for its devices across the globe.
Devices also include 2015 iPhones with only 16gb storage. For those users, the challenge is how to update their iPhone to iOS 11.
Storage capacity, user available space and cleaning unused space are kind of annoying. In iOS10 we got nearly 60gb free from 64gb capacity after the update.
The update notification for iOS 11 mentioned the update size to be near about 1.67gb. And at least 2.25gb needs to be free.
Experts are suggesting 4gb for a hassle-free update.

The question is Why would you want to upgrade? Apple has done some really good improvements in iOS11.

  • Revamped Siri
  • A new iTunes store
  • Completely new Control Panel
  • Lock screen notifications are changed too
  • Screenshot utility is much more useful and well designed than ever
  • Screen Recording
  • Emergency SOS feature
  • QR Scanner
  • One handed keyboard

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Users who first wanna see the bright or dark side of the iOS11, please check this article on iOS11 and know how is it different from iOS10.

So here we are going to share the way to prepare your iPhone for the update and free up some space.

If you are getting this onto your screen


I request you not to try what is in the second image. These memory cleaners are not very much effective in iOS. So let us try something for real.

Below are some things you need to do to make some space-

1. Duplicate Photos

Most of the storage capacity is consumed by photos and other sorts of media on a majority of the iPhones. So getting rid of a huge amount of photos and videos needs some hard work. You need to manually scan the entire gallery and perform the ‘mark and delete’ operation in bulk by yourself.

There are several tools available for this purpose so if you are short of time then you can check them out-

  1. DuplicatePhotosFixer
  2. iCareFone

One more possible way is to sync your gallery with iTunes and you will find many duplicate photos in the gallery.

  • In photos, choose “Sync Photos” and then select “Copy photo from Photos”.
  • Now check “Selected Albums”, make sure there’s no selected album and then Apply.

Just in case you haven’t noticed it yet here is a fact, when you click pictures in HDR mode in your iPhone there are actually two copies being stored in the gallery. One is normal photo and other is the HDR photo. So just make sure in Settings>Camera that Keep Normal Photo is unselected. Similarly, there are some other apps doing such kind of thing. Instagram is a good example.


2. Deleting older messages

Do we really need to keep all our messages? No, we don’t.

Just keep the most recent messages and there is an option for that in iPhone. Go to Settings > Messages > Message History. Then tap Keep Messages and change the options from Forever to 30 Days or whatever you want.

Well, the most organized app for SMS is Microsoft’s SMS organizer(just in case).

3. Clear Cache

Settings > Safari and hit Clear History and Website Data.

This is probably the simplest way to free some space and we have been doing this for ages. Clearing cache of other apps isn’t that simple on the iPhone. There is no straightforward method. So, here is a workaround.

  • Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage.
  • Tap Manage Storage.
  • Select any app
  • Take a look for Documents & Data
  • Tap Delete App
  • Now you have to re-download it

This is crazy I guess, it suggests me to uninstall all the unnecessary apps whose storage sum up near about 4gb and then re-install after the update. But, not everyone in the world has so much of unnecessary apps. There might be a case they have a large number of podcasts and offline songs.

4. Podcasts and offline songs

Podcasts and songs can be removed by opening the respective apps, swiping left and hitting delete.

Apple music, Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer,, Tunein Radio, iHeart Radio, Saavn, Gaana, etc. There is an endless number of streaming apps available which won’t add anything on your physical storage. As Apple is focusing on the cloud, we must give it a try.

Other than these you might wanna consider clearing the Safari’s reading list as it will provide you a significant amount of space. There isn’t any single tap method to manage space but hope these small things will help. Please mention any other way from your side in the comments.



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