Some fascinating facts about VPN and Uses of VPN

This article is all about some basic interesting facts about VPN and uses of VPN in surfing and downloading on the internet. Today, the Internet is the lifeline for everyone that helps yo to find everything online about anything. But there is something that you need to know about the internet is that without proper security and privacy. But if you browse the internet without security Internet hackers can hack you and uses your personal information against you and can harm you. So to protect yourself from hackers always use VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN is advanced network technology that provides secure network connection over the internet and not only protects your data but also secures your online identity.

A VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. VPNs is also be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from hackers and also used for many more things like hiding identity etc.

Some uses of VPN over the internet will be given below

  1. Security from public networks and hotspots
  2. Hide your online identity
  3. Torrent downloading
  4. Access restricted content
  5. Bypass restricted websites and apps
  6. Secure communication
  7. Protect your browser activity
  8. Protect your online banking and many other things from hackers

Now here we describe these points in detailed one by one learn that why we use VPN at the time of surfing the internet and uses of VPN in daily life.

1. Security from public networks and hotspots

In today’s modern world WI-Fi is available everywhere in schools, colleges, and also available in every house. But sometimes we found free Wi-Fi connection or In other words, we can say that sometimes we found a Wi- Fi network without having security on it and we use that Wi-Fi without knowing about its owner and any other thing but do you ever think how secure they are? Because sometimes hackers also used this method for steal your personal information by creating a free hotspot. Sometimes hackers can create a free hotspot from their wi-fi or mobile device and remove security from it when someone connects to this hotspot then hackers using tools and then steal your personal data from your phone or laptop. So, always use VPN at the time of connecting from a free hotspot it provides you a layer of security that can prevent you from hackers.

2. Hide your online identity

Always remember that some companies and Internat service provider companies are following your activity and track your activities at the time of surfing internet. ISP companies will always track your website and web page at the time of surfing and sometimes hackers also track your activities on the internet to steal your personal data from there and if your personal information will go into someone others hand that can put you into some kind of trouble. So always use VPN for hiding your online identity from the internet and keep safe from hackers.

3. Torrent downloading

In today’s world many of torrent sites will be in running condition but ISP companies and the government banned that sites because they are having some illegal content on it. Like some paid content will be available on the torrent in free which is causes loss for government and other companies. But torrent also has some legal contents on it that can be not available on all over the internet except torrent and you want to download that content but your government banned that sites on the internet because it has some illegal content. In that case to download that file from torrent we use VPN because VPN changes our IP addresses and geolocation and provide access to that website and then you can be able to download that content from the torrent.

4. Access restricted content

Sometimes when we surfing the internet we can saw that some content will be blocked on the internet from your ISP provider but this content is very-very helpful for you in that case VPN is the best option for download that content from the internet without taking permission from your Internet service provider. Because VPN bypass that restriction and provide you to access to that content and also allows you to download that content from the internet without any effort.

5. Bypass restricted websites and apps

Now in today’s world, all schools and colleges provide free wi-fi for students. But sometimes in colleges and schools, directors and teachers of the schools and colleges blocked some websites and apps because the student can use free wi-fi all day for download movies and music and do not concentrate on their studies. In this situation, if you want to download some important thing from internet but it is blocked on your school wi-fi then use VPN for getting access to that particular website or app.

6. Secure communication

Always use VPN for a secure communication because VPN provides the ability to have secure communication and file transfer medium. Because a secure and encrypted connection is made to transmit the data between the user and network so that someone else cannot read the information. Because VPN encrypts your all data encrypted and secure. So always use VPN for making a secure communication.

7. Protect your browsing activity

If you are using a free wi-fi connection or public wi-fi connection, your browsing activity on non-HTTPS websites is visible to everyone nearby you, if they know how to look. If you want to hide your browsing activity for a bit more privacy, you can connect to a VPN. Because VPN provides an encrypted tunnel in which your data can be traveled safely and you can browse any website without any difficulty in private mode.

  1. Protect your online banking

VPN provides you an encrypted security that which encrypt your all the data from hackers because it will travel in a complex encrypted file that can be unbreakable for all and it enhance your online security. It will also help you at the time of net banking because sometimes hackers track your browsing activity and steal your personal data like net banking id and password also by using VPN you can enhance your security. So always use VPN for your PC and mobile also.


If you have any queries about this solved out your queries through the comment section and also give suggestions for improving this article through the comment section.

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