How to reset all local group policy setting on windows?

In this article we learn about use of local group policy editor in windows. with the local group policy editor we configure all of the system things like setting regarding personalization, system, networking and many of things like this. In total there are approx 2000 settings you can configure by this. There are two ways two reset the group policies to their default setting. they both are very straightforward but the one takes more time in respect to other depending upon how many policies you can configured.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- the chances are very less to that something got wrong in this process. but create a system restore point to avoid any type of mistakes take place.


How to reset all group policy objects using Local Group Policy Editor

for changing this setting in a windows  you should know one thing that all the setting by default in “NOT CONFIGURED” state. It means you can easily edit all group policy in the settings.

We can edit these settings by following these steps-

1  Open the run command by using keyboard shortcut WINDOWS KEY + R.

2  Now enter command gpedit.msc  and then click ok.

3  Now follow the following path to open all the settings.

  Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > All  Settings

4  Now look at right side, now sorts the settings by state to view only the enabled and disabled states of settings.

5  Now double clicks on policy which state is enabled or disabled, and change this settings in NOT CONFIGURED state,  then click on ok.

6  Now repeat these steps for each policy.

If you have already changed all these settings in the user configuration, you should follow the same steps which mentioned above , to get to the all settings use the given path.

Local computer policy > User configuration >  Administrative templates >  All settings.

If you have any problem with this choose second method to update group policy.


How to reset all group policy objects using command prompt

  • First we click on windows icon on desktop and type command prompt and open it as admin. by using Run as administrator.
  • now your command prompt will be open in it we type

RD /S /Q “%WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicyUsers”  and press enter.

  • After it we type  RD /S /Q “%WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicy” and press enter.
  • After it restart your system or force the update by using gpupdate /force to complete the task.

Now your local group policy will be reset after restart the computer and you use it now with a new group policy. enjoy  your new setting.





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