How to change windows password without knowing old password?

Everyone know window is a secure system. you do not enter in it without knowing password but sometime we forgot password of windows and you wan’t to change the password of window then we use this simple trick to change your password. But do this process carefully Sometimes it is shows harmful effect on you pc. So change password very carefully. I think It is helpful trick in difficult situation. Here I saw you two methods to change password one is from computer management and another is by command prompt of windows. So let’s start.

Method 1

Step-1  Go to windows screen and find computer icon and then right click on it  and then click on manage option to open it.

Step-2  Now you will see computer management dialog box on the screen now click on

system tools then choose local users and groups option in it  and then choose users option in it and click on it to proceed.

Step-3  Now you will see all on your right screen , there are all the users name given.

Step-4  Now select your user account and right click on it, then click on set password option.

computer management


Step-5  Now you will see new pop up on windows screen, now click on proceed option.

Step-6 Now you will set the new password and confirm them, after confirm click on OK button.

Step-7  Now your login password has been changed successfully. Now restart your computer to check with new password.

From above tricks you can easily changed your windows system password without knowing your old password. This trick will work in all windows version such as windows 7, windows 8 , windows 10.

Method – 2

 Change windows password without knowing old password  using command prompt.

Step-1  First click on the windows start menu and type cmd  and then click on the cmd option and run as administrator.

Step-2  Now type command in the cmd box. and press enter to change password.

net user relvic 12345

command prompt

This trick is published here for only learning  purpose. Only use it when it is necessary for your computer. Otherwise it hurts your pc and saw some errors on your pc. so use this trick carefully.



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