How to increase your computer speed without using any software?

Hello everyone i am back with a new useful post about your pc it will be help you to increase your computer speed without using any third party software with this trick you will be able to increase your computer speed.

Step 1:- first of all we will go to task manager by right click on taskbar and click on task manager.
Step 2:- then after it a new tab will be open and in it we choose startup option and click on it.

Step 3:- after it we saw a list of startup programs in new tab. As you see there are some startup programs with high startup impact. These type of programs reduce bootup time of windows and decrease the speed of your pc also.
Step 4:- so we choose a service with high impact and click on it and choose disable option in it and click on it. figure shown below
Step 5:- in this process we also careful about windows core program apps we do not disable these programs otherwise your computer will be not start able so careful about this.
Step 6:- then after it we close all the tabs and shutdown your computer. now turn on your pc to saw the difference. we were saw our pc will be work fast in comparison before. 
Thanks for reading this post. Hope you like this trick. I think this post is helpful for you if you have any queries about this you will be contact us any time and comment on post we will give answer you back.

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