Hey folks! today we will learn how to create a virus and hang others computer by this virus and shocked others by this trick.

Note:- by this virus your computer will be hang permanently. so proceed this process carefully.

Step 1:- first of all we go to run using windows key+R.
Step 2:- after this we type notepad in it and press enter.

Step 3:- after open notepad we types some kind of codes. in this process we type given below codes.
virus file
Step 4:- after it we save this file type named as rahul.bat after it in below we select all files type and save this file.
Step 5:- after it double click on it and after it wait for some time.
Step 6:- after some time your computer will be hanged. after it you can not be doing work on your computer your computer will be permanently hanged.
Step 7:- to recover your computer with this virus you will be restart your computer otherwise you will be not able to doing work on your computer.
Step 8:- to perform this process on your friends computer copy this code in pen drive and paste it on your computers desktop and change its icon and rename it.
Step 9:- after it your friend will be click on it and computer will be hanged.
I think it is helpful to you for any doubt and queries comment on it otherwise contact us we give you response shortly.

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