How to show matrix effect in windows?

In this tutorial of notepad tricks we all learn about matrix effect in other words falling code effect shown on your screen . it is very simple it is not complicated it’s very easy. By using this trick we saw matrix effect to our friends on our own computer screen and they called is a magic but it is not a type of magic this is a simple trick which is performed with the help of notepad in windows. so let’s start

to see matrix effect follow these steps given below

step 1: we go to run using windows key+R.

step 2: then we type notepad in it and press enter. our notepad will be open

step 3: then in notepad we type some kind of codes. these codes are given below.

matrix effect

step 5: then we save these password as .bat file and save it on desktop.

step 6: then double click on it now you see matrix effect will be open on your screen.

if you have any queries about this contact us we will help you

and keep attach for further updates.

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